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Re: Trail Letters

What good news, thanks Seve, may more of us get going and get our trails to

Joan Ruprecht
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Date: Wednesday, October 27, 1999 9:42 PM
Subject: RC: Trail Letters

>Boy does the system work or WHAT? So many of you have written in about
>helping support the Cuesta to Sespe Trail in regards to the Calif. State
>Plan that they have said "Enough already...we are not going to leave it
>You all, thanks so much, the rest of you that were considering writing,
>let's save it for the next battle... and that one will be coming up soon
>enough.  I will be keeping you informed about our needs and progress,
>but most of all you all will be getting tidbits throughout the year
>about adventures and opportunities on this Trail and National Forest.
>First of all... There is a new 30 and 50 mile endurance ride planned for
>this area. It is the Deadman 50 on April 8th of 2000. It will be hosted
>by the Spade Ranch, Jim Mitchell's place in Cuyama Valley off of hywy
>166. It is called the Deadman 50 because the first loop goes up a canyon
>that they found a dead man in back in 48' and the name has stuck. We
>have a wine, a 96' Cab by Jon Priest of Wildhorse Winery that is
>promoting the ride, you'll see a lot of it at the AERC convention this
>Thanks again for helping with the State of Calif. Plan. Leave them alone
>for now. And for those of you that didn't send a message.... send the
>dollar $$ to SLOPOST!
>Thanks Steve Shaw and the Cuesta Sespe Committee
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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