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Name Help

Well I have finally decided on a name for my  new gelding.   Moon Shadow - 
suggested by Pat Super .  It actually comes with a song that I can sing along 
the trail.    "Moon Shadow,  Moon Shadow"  (please send me the lyrics again 
Pat as I am stuck on that)
Shadow is a great name for him.   He will trot saddled up behind me  stuck 
like glue and stop and turn wherever I go.   I then take the reins, place 
them around front on the ground and say "stand" and he waits there for me.   
I am truly amazed at how wonderful he is for never being out of his 2 acre 
pature or away from his Mom in three years.    I am now riding him solo in 
the arena - walk trot .   
Thanks everyone for the great Moon Name suggestions !!!!!
Patti    Sam   Staten   and Shadow    

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