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Re: ants

     The only thing I know of that works like that is Borax, and it sho
     'nuff works.  I've only heard of using it for larger critters, though,
     like roaches.  Only problem is that you then have to dispose of the
     bodies.  :P  And I have heard that it isn't good for dogs and cats to
     ingest it, so I'd be afraid the same would go for horses.

     But maybe this isn't the same thing?

     Kenzie & Zane
     Birmingham, AL

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Subject: RC: ants
Author:  "terre" <>
Date:    10/27/99 4:44 PM

Can you guys get "insectolo" in the US?  It is a diatomaceous
earth--completely non-toxic.  You spread it on the ground in a circle
around the ant-hill (or in door- or window- jambs in the house) and when
they crawl over it, it cuts through  the exoskeleton and they die.  Won't
kill the queen (unless she leaves the hill) but will sure cut down on the
number of workers, and it is totally safe.


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