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>1. How do you get rid of red ant piles in the pastures without 
>the horses?  Ants are awful in Florida!!

I have no idea how to get rid of them, but I can tell you how to enjoy
them more.  We have aquired fire ants in the last 2 years and their huge
mounds are everywhere.  There is one remedy that I don't believe
works...but has become a wonderful form of entertainment for me.  Take a
shovel of one fire ant mound and dump it on top of another.  Conventional
wisdom says that they then have a war.  I like that idea.  Like I've said
before, there's no TV reception where I live so I have to get my
entertainment where I can.

I have also become a compulsive mound kicker.  I can hardly wait for them
to build it back so I can kick it over again.  I love to see them
scramble.  By the way, never kick it twice.  They stick to your foot the
second time.

This evening I kicked one right at dark and I'm enjoying thinking about
how cold they are now. :-))


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