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Re: RC: red maple

At 09:30 AM 10/26/99 -0600, you wrote:
>It is my understanding that red maple is poison to horses when leaves are
>wilting.   Horses will nibble on leaves from blow down branches or pruned
>limbs etc.   This can also happen with the cherry family of trees. 

	Different toxin, though. Cyanogenic in the case of members of the Genus

>read that  the fresh leaves are not a problem nor very dry ones.   Red maple
>has red leaves all summer, not just in fall. 

Are you sure about that? It certainly does not around here. Red maple gets
its name from the red color of the buds. The leaves are quite green in
summer. Japanese maple has red leaves all year round, but is not, to my
knowledge, toxic. 
ALso, I believe the dried leaves can be a problme, but only in very large

>Check with local extension

	Likely good advice.

				--CMNewell, DVM

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