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Re: RC: Big bucks for a Kiger

Hi Maryanne and all!
    Maryanne, your report that a man paid $19,000 for a Kiger mustang cracked me up.  It reminded me of the arabian prices in the 1980s!
    I own a Spanish Mustang (not a Kiger but to me all the Spanish Mustangs, Spanish Barbs, Kigers, and Wilbur Cruce horses are genetically pretty durn close).  I love the little guy more than words can say and I also know that there are quite a few more like him being bred by responsible breeders who are asking quite a bit less than $19,000 for them. (I paid $750 for Dino!)  Of course, if anyone wants to offer them big bucks they'd take it in a heart beat because they are breeding for the love of the horses.  Kigers are the only ones I know of that are being "marketed."  Dino is 4 1/2 and is going on his first big ride next week: 6 days in Death Valley (not endurance, an ETI trail ride but a good intro to multi day stuff I think).  I'll let you know how he does when we get back.
Happy trails, Laney
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