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Re: Little Horse with the Big Trot

I am so sorry to hear about your friend.  Your poem made me cry.  I never had closer when my friend died.  I have often thought of writing something about my mare after she passed but I just cant bear the thought of closing the door.  It sounds kind of silly especially from a grown woman.  I put the iodine on her navel when she was born and I sat with her 22 yrs later as she died.  Thank you for your poem.  It brought back some wonderful/bittersweet memories.  gesa n clovis
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Date: Monday, October 25, 1999 7:28 AM
Subject: RC: Little Horse with the Big Trot

from Cindy Young, Kennesaw Georgia
In the memory of a great endurance horse.

I lost a great friend the other day.
He was kind, intelligent and always there for me. He was a gift of life, love
and friendship.
He and I had grown in life together for 19 years, forming lasting friendships
and touching people's lives.
He was never a winner, but always a finisher, but a winner in my heart.
So "To finish is to Win", and I was the winner in this ride of life, because
I had the joy of having him as a friend.
He now runs free with the great endurance horses in heaven following the wind
into the wide eternal sky.

            G. L. Houdini
    January 23, 1977-October 16, 1999
Boy he will be greatly missed!!!

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