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red maple poisoning?

Hi all,
One of our clients horses died recently (not from trimming, thank
God!)...symptoms so far as I know were blood in the urine on Thursday (the
horse had been ridden on Tuesday and was fine) and I'm not sure what the
progression was except that he was very "sick" by Saturday night.  I am
going this morning to talk to them a little bit more and get more
specifics.  They called a local vet (cow doc) on Thursday about the blood
in the urine.  He said to start antibiotics.  Saturday night they called
another guy (one we occasionally use) but he wouldn't come out, the next
day was Sunday yadayada... the horse died Saturday night!  One of our
clients who is a vet tech said it could have been red maple poisoning. 
Some of the symptoms are blood in the urine and colicky behavior before the
kidneys simply shut down and they die.  Anyone heard of this?  Any
experiences?  These people did keep the horse partially in a wooded area. 
There were lots of trees though I am not sure what kind.  I want to help
this girl find another horse. She had wanted to join the 4-H distance club
Jenny and I want to start for next year and wanted to try some LD on her
horse...he was an Appy and would have been well suited for it.  The sad
thing is she got this horse at an auction, pretty nondescript and even a
little ugly but went to the local twilight shows and blew them away in
speed events.  She gave them a run for their money and being her first
horse, they learned together and he took good care of her and made her want
to do even more.  But if she does decide to get another horse, we should
determine what happened to this one.  I don't know if they would have had
an autopsy done or not.  I will find out!!!!  But any experiences or
information anyone can send me would be appreciated!!  Know how I could
differentiate red maple from other maples?  

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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