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Help for transporting a pony

Hi... I'm hoping someone can help me out... Last week Kim Huck posted that
she was looking for a good Northern home for her Shetland pony, Hershey who
has COPD... Well, I just happen to be looking for a pony to give a good
home too!   Kim and I talked and it sounds like Hershey will make a
wonderful addition to my 'family', and keep my retired gelding happy.  Plus
he should be healthier living in the cooler PA temps...  (Isn't ridecamp

The only problem is, Hershey is in Central Florida and his home-to-be is in
South Central PA... Is anyone traveling up this way to the Fort Valley ride
this weekend that would have room for a pony?  Or for that matter, if
anyone is coming North from Florida who could get Hershey North of the
Florida line?  I would go pick him up in Florida, but I can't take enough
time off work to make a trip that long...

Please let me know if you can help or have any ideas!


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