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Oregon Hay Warning

Anyone traveling from Oregon to California should know that as of August 1 California is requiring certified hay because of a beetle discovered in some Oregon hay.  I learned this the hard way last Thurs. morning when I lost my wonderful Oregon grass hay to the "big bad border guards" and purchased a California bale of too dry grass hay for $9.95  a little farther down the road!   A problem was also mentioned with grain but then it wasn't inspected or taken from me so I'm unclear about that.
I was enroute to the Lake Sonoma 50 in California.  A ride that's really pretty, fun, very well run by Ruth and Ron Waltenspiel and very different from our high desert rides!  Two loops around the lake, no repeats, beautiful weather, beautiful views, all true trail with near perfect footing all the way and a delicious catered dinner and awards at 6:00 in the evening.  A perfect way to end the season for Dez and me.
So. Oregon

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