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Re: GiWaNi Pony Boy website information, etc.

Hi Jane (and all other interested people),

> Hi Susan,
> Are you in Northern Florida?

Actually, we're in North Central Florida -- the very northern part of Marion
County just south of Alachua County ...

> I have been DYING to see him! <snip>

He'll be in the Tampa Bay area on Saturday, November 6th for a book signing at
the new Saddle Up Tack Shop Grand Opening Celebration from noon to 3 pm (see
their website at for more information and
directions on how to get there) -- that's just across the state from you, I
think ... he's very kind about answering questions even while signing books,
and is highly articulate and very wise in the ways of horses ... I think that
will be his last Florida appearance for awhile (he's going to Australia right
after that) and I don't know if he'll be including Florida in his 15 Cities
Tour in 2000 ... maybe you could bring your kids to the Saddle Up Grand Opening
along with a friend to help you with them so you all could have fun and you
could meet him ... he has a couple of good books out, including one to help
children learn how to have good relationships with horses ... and a wonderful
journal you can use to improve your understand of your personal horses ...

> How did you find out about GiWaNi Pony Boy? I can't find a web site with a
> tour schedule anywhere?

I read about him in a magazine last year -- maybe Equus?  And went to his
website, which is where his tour schedule is published, along with a lot of
other good information about him, and his seminars, and his books, etc. ... His
website is -- since you have children,
you might want to consider getting them some signed Pony Boy Breyer Horses ...
I understand the complete set of 3 signed Pony Boy horses just went for like
$1300 on eBay recently ... so they are extremely collectible ...

> Thanks so much.
> Jane
> in Ft. Lauderdale

You're very welcome!
Hawk's Haven Farm
Micanopy, Florida

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