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Free horse in Delaware needs good home

This was posted on the Florida Horse List.  I am forwarding it in
case someone out there can help ... Please don't contact me for
further information -- contact the original poster per the
directions given at the bottom of the post.  Sorry for the
cross-posting, but I'm trying to minimize the amount of typing I
do while my newly-surgically-repaired shoulder heals.


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A trainer/driver friend of mine has a FREE 8 yo gelding who broke
a sesamoid bone in his front ankle this last weekend. This horse
has been a good horse to him, and he needs right now to find him
a home with someone who has LOVE and TIME to let him heal. His
name is Yankee Spur, he is an 8 yo gelding, an average size
horse,  bay. He has been well cared for and has made $250,000
lifetime with a mark of 1:52.2. The trainer and his wife are
expecting a new baby -- their first -- in one month, and with a
recent split with an owner, is a little strapped for money and
time. He probably can ship the horse locally to YOU and is a very
nice person to deal with. You probably should have a box stall
for the horse. I know this horse and he would be nice.

The particulars on the ankle you would have to talk to the
trainer about. As with any racing injury, the prognosis is
probably iffy, but good care can do wonders. He will need at
least 2 months stall rest. The horse is in Dover, Delaware. And
we need to find him a place as soon as possible. Please pass this
e-mail on to anyone who might be interested.

You may contact me, Holly at and I will e-mail
you back with his cell phone number, he is hard to reach any
other way.

Help find this horse a home!

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