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survey update

Hi guys,
I have had some interesting responses to my questions about your horses'
hooves.  Thank you to everyone who took time to respond.  However, I have
only had about 18 responses (how many ridecampers are there?) and only a
handful of those have any idea what angles and length of toe their horses
are at.  I am really hoping to have more input from ridecampers before I
put this together.  I will probably be responding privately to some of the
responses and ask more questions to clarify some things for me.  Please
bear with me!  I am also going to use the records I keep from the endurance
horses Nelson shoes here in Michigan so that will help but please....if you
haven't responded, please send me a mail.  If you need me to send my
original post as a reference, I just remembered I deleted it with my trash
today.  Shoot...just mail me privately and I'll tell you what I need! 
Thanks again, folks!!  

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