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Re: Road riding question

I had the same problem when I lived in Los Angeles, but, fortunately, I
didn't have a very long way to go to get to the trails (1 1/2 miles), so I
used to lead Suni and I walked on the road side.  My theory was that people
are more used to avoiding people and would give us more room.  I'm not sure
that was why, but people did give us room.  (Of course, the other thing was
that if the Sunshine thought anyone was coming up too close or too fast or
just did not like the sound of the car, he would turn around and offer to
take them on--at least, I knew they SAW us at that point.)  But, it's a
mess, especially at night.
N. Ca

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> In my local area in NE Kansas, I have to ride back roads to get to any
> good place to ride, or trailer my horse somewhere.  Lately, when I'm
> riding back roads, I'm having increasing trouble with drivers who persist
> in passing me and the horse with just inches to spare.  I'm as far over
> on the road as I can possibly get the horse and yet one person in
> particular just HAS to see how close she can come to my boot.  A
> pedestrian who witnessed this was shaking, holding her throat and later
> said she couldn't even breath she was so frightened by how close that car
> came to my leg.  Another time I had to drive the horse up a steep hill
> along side the road to keep from getting hit because the car was not
> moving over at all.
> Does anyone know a good way to back the drivers off and get them to keep
> a respectful distance while passing?  I don't want my horse or I to get
> hurt, but I hate the thought that I have to trailer EVERY time I want to
> ride.
> Rhonda and Laddie (yawn, big deal), and Sugar (just let me kick 'em!)
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