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Re: Saddles

>was skeptical, but I had a chance to try the saddle.  I got what I 
>believe>is either a VERY early Express Lite or maybe an original
Express.  (I >don't>know what the original express looked like - any help
out there?)

Hi Linda,
My "Original Express" is the third one they made XP003, so I imagine it's
about as original as they come.

I just measured it.  I have a 14" seat, 24 1/2" panels (they were
replaced to the updated models in about 1992).  The "saddle" length (not
panels) is 20".  I have had people comment that mine is light compared to
most.  I've used it on quite a few horses with "medium" width backs, not
at all wide, and I've never had a vet say my horse had a sore back (O.K.
one fool who'd never vetted a ride and ran his fingernail up his
spine...ZIP!  He doesn't count) Dwight Hooten and Ann Stuart gave him
"A's" need I say more? >g<


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