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Re: Cass at Liberty Run

I'm not critical, just amazed.  How did you start Flikka to get her to this
N. Ca

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Subject: Cass at Liberty Run

> Boy!, I know I'm new, but I never thought that would be feasible. Is that
> aview that is generally shared by other top ten competitors in the
> 100milers, do you think?
> Dyane,
> YES!  If the ride is relatively flat it becomes a galloping race.  A
> does not put all the time, effort, sweat, blood and tears to get to the
> World Championships and then "just ride for a finish"!  That is NOT your
> at that level of the sport.
> Flikka and I cantered and galloped all of the Oregon 100 last year and our
> ride time was 8hrs 45mins, (she set a course record).  Flikka was
> sound and bright eyed at the finish.  Going fast is not evil!  Those of us
> that have International goals ride and train differently.  We chose 100
> rides carefully and then ride them to win or at the least top three.
> I think Teddy was mean spirited and evil for sending the post she did to
> ridecamp.  Rita is a wonderful person who loves her horse very much, she
> would never do anything to hurt him.  Cass is a tough, very well
> and talented horse.  I am positive that Rita rode the horse completely
> within his capablilities.  And Rita is right, to make the squad for the
> Worlds you must show that your horse is fast, sound and competitive, this
> does require top three finishes at 100 mile rides.
> Wendy Merendini
> & the Awesome Fire Mt. Flikka

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