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Bears & Tailing

The wonderful story of bears in TN brings many memories to mind for me also, 
as I rode that ride for many years and was ride manager for the last couple . 
 We had a lovely young lady named Audrey who used to ride in the SE.  She 
maybe weighed 100 pounds dripping wet and her horse was an equine equivalent 
of her.  One year she was riding the 100 by herself in last place and RM went 
out to check on her, found her riding down a dirt road all excited since she 
said she had seen a bear and it had, in fact, followed her down the road a 
piece.(Redneck slang alert)  When I heard I said well no wonder she wasn't 
bothered, neither her nor the horse were enough for a good snack.  The most 
unique thing about this lady was that her crew/boyfriend was blind.  She 
would fix up his crew bag and he would stand at the exit from ridecamp with 
his thumb out and someone would give him a ride to the VCs.  The 3 of them 
were a welcome addition to our rides for years, ( he even rode an LD once) 
and I miss them and wonder "where are they now"?

Many years ago ,  in the dark ages before glow sticks ( In the South we use 
lightning bugs in a Mason Jar)  I was riding a Blonde mare in this great 
sport ...she later achieved 3000 miles...and being younger and stupider, 
thought I would tail her up a particularly steep hill.  Fastened the reins to 
her halter and away we went for about 2 strides when she realized I could not 
stop her and took off, rendering me airborne, and I finally let go rather 
than plow the south 40(another Redneck slang)  Luckily there were nice riders 
in front of me who caught her and tied her up.  I got back on and the Blonde 
Bit-- carried my Lard Bu-- the rest of her 3000 miles.

Susan Kasemeyer


Rode hard and put up wet.

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