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Re: RC: Buying a horse/Warning

In a message dated 10/13/99 5:07:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<<  Interesting how you chose to cc:
 ridecamp on your personal comments to me.  I guess that's how you like to
 do it.  So, ok. Bob >>

Hey, Bob, I guess I didn't realize I was attacking you personally, since you 
feel I was, I apologize -- I (think) I was simply stating what I believe and 
would believe if I were in such a situation -- paid for a vet exam, then in 
good faith agreed with seller that I would buy the horse, horse, 
and no reimbursement for vet check.  If that isn't what happened, then I 
reserve the right to change my story.  I've already stated quite clearly that 
I don't hold with posting stuff to ridecamp when 1) using peoples names and 
personally attacking them.   2)NOT SIGNING posts, no matter what their 
subject matter.  Since I'm (sort of) apologizing to you, I guess I'd better 
cc Ridecamp, eh?


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