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Re: Buying a horse/Warning

Most of the time, so-called "breaches of contract" result from
misunderstandings about what was promised.  That's really one purpose of a
contract is to try to make sure that people are on the same page with
respect to what is actually being agreed upon. Contracts will not save you
from a truly dishonest person.

My best advice (from someone who has entered into lots of contracts), just
be as clear and straightforward as you can.  Try to think of the obvious
things that can go wrong and address them with the other party ("so, what do
we do if..."). In short, minimize the opportunities for misunderstanding.
If there is some kind of deposit required, get a receipt that states the
amount and what the deposit is for. Confirm back to the other party what you
think they said ("So, you agree that you won't sell this horse to anyone

Again, these things really are more preventative medicine than anything.
When there is a mistake, or one party doesn't follow through on a promise,
the best you can usually hope for is to recover whatever you might have
spent as a result of the contract.


> I agree. What ever happened to honesty and integrity? Or when a man's
> word meant something? If I were that gal, I wouldn't pay the vet as he
> violated a client relationship by releasing the vet check results. I
> don't think he would pursue it too much as he KNOWS he made a mistake.
> I've heard of that happening before.
> Lauren
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