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Re: RC: training question/tailing

In a message dated 10/13/99 3:35:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< The accepted commands in this part of
 the country are GEE!  and HAW!...I believe these are descended from the
 exclamations..."JES__" and "WHOA!" >>

In my experience tailing just naturally involves quite a bit of cussing, 
sweating and sometimes crying (please, please stop....pant, pant, gasp).  
Harca can motor up a hill so fast that I have to jog up behind him (he will 
not be rated at the walk if I'm hanging on to his tail).  I was tailing alone 
up the last canyon into Michigan Bluff (Tevis trail) and Harca KNEW there was 
food just up the hill.  I had hooked the rein to the halter, optimistically 
run it through the stirrup and started tailing.  Yeehaw doesn't even begin to 
cover it (I had thought he was getting tired -- faker!!!).  He sprinted up 
that last canyon and with nobody to stop him for quite a ways, I was jogging, 
eating dust, swearing, crying and by the end, ready to throw up.  Finally, we 
ran into some riders who were going at a more reasonable pace and since even 
Harca couldn't figure out how to pass on that trail, we settled in behind and 
walked in.  I don't think I've ever been happier to see the back end of a 
horse than at that particular moment.  So, beware when you tail of the speed 
your horse is capable of and the speed YOU are capable of (sometimes they're 
not very compatible :)

Sylvia & Harca (hehe, I dare you to tail)

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