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ATRA General Meeting

The Arabian Trail Riders Assoc. of Northern Ca will be having their
general meeting this Sunday October 17, at Rita's house in Fremont, Ca. 
This is a new club that trail rides.  We have 75 members from five
states.  We have the 1999 IAHA National Champion Endurance horse and
rider, Kathy Thompson and Zane Gray and the 1999 IAHA National Champion
CTR horse and rider, Lance Roop, I don't know the horses name sorry.  It
is time to renew your membership into IAHA.  I do hope all of you who are
lerking and don't belong to IAHA will join in 2000.  We need all Arabian
and Half/Anglo Arabians to sign up and be counted.  We need records of
these horses out riding our trails.  We need the number verified so when
we go to these trail meetings we show proof how many of us have the hours
on the trails.  Words are not enough for the big wheels in high places
who budget money for trails across America.  Please help by joining a
local club in your area.  If you need more information please e-mail me

Happy Trails,
Rita Schlim, President ATRA

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