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ref. Selenium post RC 1158

Liz,  if you subscribe to Trail Blazer there was an article on that very subject
by Linda Crandell, Endurance rider and equine nutritionist for Kentuck Equine
Research.  This article was either one or two issues before the last one that
came out.  In the area I graze my horses, the outer Bluegrass area of Ky., the
soil here is low in Selenium as well as other trace minerals that the horse
needs.  I feed them a daily dose of trace minerals specially forulated for what
is missing in our soils here.  It is necessary to know the trace mineral content
of the soils (grass) in order to get the correct amounts of the suppliment to
your horse as to not OD him.  Find Crandell's article it's excelent.
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