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Re: RC: Trail Safety from "man"

Hi All..
I have been reading this thread with great interest and hopefully the tips I 
have read here will never have to be used but will be there if needed.  As 
Jenni said here in Oregon a cell phone is useless out in the woods.  I talked 
to the cell people and they say that they cannot put transmitters on 
Government land and that is why they won't work.  I am involved in rescuing 
dogs which requires me to be in some uncomfortable situations occasionally 
and have been trained and licensed to carry a firearm for several years.  I 
have a special fannypack made just for that purpose and always wear it when I 
am alone or just with my daughter in law.  Should I be dumped I will still 
have protection and also a means of summoning help, if needed.
I just think it is such a shame that this sort of thing is necessary these 
days.  When I was a kid I rode all over half of central California alone and 
no one even thought of anything like this....ahhhhhh well.  Still better safe 
than sorry.

Ellen, Abra & Easy
Canby, Oregon

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