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<< Getting off your horse around a stranger in the wilderness is the
 dumbest thing I have heard in a long while.  Whoever
 dreamed that up, to be user friendly ,should have their
 head examined.  The greatest defense a rider has
 against human or animal danger is a fleet horse. >>

Having had a stranger try to grab my bridle while I was riding last year, I 
know exactly what you mean. It's scary as hell. The man was obviously a low 
life, he appeared out of nowhere, though I knew SOMETHING was wrong. Never 
doubt your horse......Jordan had been spooky for ten minutes before this guy 
popped out of the bushes. He'd been telling me "Mom, something is out there." 
The man put on a phony face and said, "Hi, lady, can I pet your horse??" and 
came up rapidly. Jordan went backwards, ears flattened, eyes bugged out, and 
I said, "Better not, this is a stallion, he might bite you." ( his 
dreams.....Jordan's not been a stallion for oh, 16 years???).  Then he needed 
NO urging to beat feet out of there. I hauled ass home and called the 
cops...but that's at least a half hour, the sheriff was on another call, etc 
etc etc. 
Don't EVER let someone grab your horse in anyway. I would rather have some 
stranger be wary of Jordan then lose my life.
Practical Horseman ran a series of "what to do if " this happens a couple 
months ago.
Michelle and Jordan (I KNEW he was a bad one, mom.)
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