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Re: RC: Vosals on a youngster

Hi Linda

I use a vosal from Sport Tack (the one with the metal on the heel).  I
started using it because the horse I was riding was off the track and
extremely difficult to hold with a snaffle but really hated anything
more severe in his mouth.  A sidepull was out of the question on him but
as soon as I started using the vosal I had a different horse.  It has
worked amazingly well for 3 years (people still comment on the change in
him - except the one time I had the heel part WAY too lose so it didn't
contact his jaw at all no matter how much it was pulled on - that time
he bolted on me while racing at the front and caused a large wreck, but
normally he's a dream in it).

As far as how severe it is - I cover both the nosepiece and the heel
parts with sheepskin and have still rubbed his jaw raw when he's really
hot.  I let someone else ride a 50 on him and he came back quite bloody
on the jaw, so it can be quite severe and light hands is good.

I direct rein more than neck rein although when he was bolting with the
bottom piece too loose, I couldn't turn him (although I think that had
more to do with the fact that we were bolting down a trail in the trees
and my mind couldn't face pulling him at bolt speed into them).

Anyway, I really do like it on him.  I've tried it on a green mare that
didn't get comfortable with it on the day I was out.  Since she's fine
in a snaffle, I didn't push it.  So it might take a little while to get
a horse used to it.

Good luck.  Let me know how it goes.

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