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Despooking and trail ride


Just because the list is slow, I wanted to tell you what my neighbor
noticed in my pasture the other day.  She said that there was a plastic
grocery bag blowing across the field (horse eating monster) and she
expected the horses to run.  Well, of course!  But instead my yearling PB
Arab colt went over to investigate.  Not only did he check it out, he
picked it up and tried to show his find to the other horses who promptly
gave him dirty looks for his efforts.  He was shaking it around and
letting it wrap around his head and neck.  Well, I don't think plastic
bags will be an issue when we start trail riding, but I don't really
think anything will be an issue with this colt!

Also, I have decided that people who aspire to ride endurance (haven't
actually ridden on one yet, but seriously looking at spring) should not
go on your average trail ride.  At least not on the horse they have been
training to walk and trot like they mean it.  Chandra was so bored at the
local fundraiser trail ride that she just about fell asleep and then
scared herself when she stepped on a plastic lid.  Why it was lying in an
open field in the middle of nowhere is beyond me, but there it was, black
and about two foot square.  I was just as relaxed as she was, so it's a
wonder I stayed on when she jumped.  She didn't jump far, though, just
enough to get my heart rate up.  In the next couple of weeks we are going
fox hunting.  Should be interesting.  They don't ever catch anything, but
at least it's a good excuse to get out and do some real riding.  Anyone
else foxhunted before?

Karen H.
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