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Re: RC: Trail Cutters

>How can someone cut off 45 minutes on an NATRC ride and not get alot of
>penalties for being early?

 They just sit at the two mile point and eat up their time there before
coming in.

In general, missing 45 minutes worth of trail would likely mean missing a
P&R or a horsemanship judging spot -- occasionally happens when riders get
lost and don't even realize they've cut trail, so missing big chunks costs
points one way or another and there's little incentive for deliberate
cutting. (On our rides we have our gate people as well as P&R and judging
people keeping track of rider numbers as they go past, since we are on
private ranches and don't want folks wandering around, lost or otherwise.
Someone who misses a checkpoint would be noticed.)

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)   Sage Hill NATRC CTR Ride

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