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bone chip removal

Hello all. Sorry to post as a guest, but I can't keep up with the e-mail the list generates, so I search the archives. (I am a registered user, just not receiving list right now)

Our 3 1/2 year old has a chip in the rear ankle joint, between the long pastern bone, and the sesimoids. Causes some uneven gate at times, but no lameness. Horse is just starting to be ridden, so he has not been put under any real stress or "load".

So, our question is if anyone has had a bone chip surgically removed from a leg before. Was it a success? Or did you have problems resulting from the surgery? We are weighing our options. Thanks for all replies. You may reply direct, or to the list.

Jonni & Rockhe who is going to be a heck of a horse, with or without the chip.

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