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RE: European Championship in Elvas, Portugal.... My Story

Title: RE: European Championship in Elvas, Portugal.... My Story


CONGRATULATIONS on your placing in the Euro Championship!!  Thanks for sharing your story.  It's a shame that the entire team couldn't finish, but you & Orfeo must have been outstanding! 

It sounds like an interesting trip with the side stop in Madrid.  I'm not really sure what Doma Vaquera training is.  Can you elaborate?

In your message, you stated:   "At the vetstop, we
unfortunately took 12 minutes to go down, because of the cold_ he was trembling
and this was preventing his pulse to go down_ I massaged with alcohol to warm
him up."

I wonder if what you used is not what I would call alcohol?  Here, it is straight rubbing alcohol - nothing mixed in to it.  The reason I wonder is that alcohol is used to COOL horses here.  The alcohol evaporates (dries off) very quickly and takes heat away with it.  Just curious.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, USA

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