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Us crazy endurance riders

NOW I understand why endurance riders are such a close-knit
group - nobody else understands us!!!!

I thought my non-horsey mom would enjoy hearing about the trials,
tribulations, and elation of finishing an endurance ride, so I
emailed her an exciting account of my struggle and triumph at the
Midwest Championship ride. Her email reply was - "Sounds like
you're not doing so bad considering that we wouldn't buy you any
riding lessons when you were a kid". It was a less enthusiastic
response that I had expected, but I thought I could read "proud
mom" somewhere deep in her comment. Then, the other night I
talked to my sister on the phone:

She: "Mom said you sent her a ride story"

Me: "Yep, I hope she was able to get a feel for why I love this

She: "What? Mom said it sounded like you had the most miserable
time, and it's so sad that you got really hot and thirsty, and
your horse was naughty"

Me: "But I finished; isn't that great??!!!"

She: "Whatever"

Sigh....I guess I'm lucky that I at least have a horse-riding


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