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number removal & John Lyons video

Hi everyone.... just discovered a cure for ride "wax crayon" number removal.
Excaliber.. U know... the penis cleaner stuff.  Just rub it on the
number.... use a stiff curry to comb around on it & most of it will come
off.  It still may not be shiney, slick... but its better (and less harmful)
than anything I have found.

i.e. John Lyons video... I sell John's Round Pen Reasoning video & many
more.  Endurance net also offers my full selection of videos... Order from
them or me... makes no difference.  20% discount if U order direct from me.
web page address follows.

CYPRESS TRAILS - Training and Boarding
         Prospects and Seasoned Horses for Sale
                *  SHARON SAARE Saddles, New and Used
           Professional Choice Distributor
*  KM Potassium Supplements (Human Electrolytes)
            21415 Cypresswood Dr., Humble, TX 77338  *   Toll Free:
800-228-8768, Local: 281-446-7232   FAX 281 446 0113
                                        Web Page:

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