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northern Idaho ride in 2000

The group of people interested in putting on a new endurance ride in very 
northern Idaho (approximately 50 miles south of the B.C., Canada border) are 
still hoping to do so!  We're a subset of a local Back Country Horsemen 
group... the BCH group in general has put the squashballs on the club helping 
sponsor the ride... it's "not in keeping with BCH goals".  But there are 8 or 
9 of us very interested in getting it together and we'll do it without 'em <g>

Two gals who live close to Schweitzer Mountain (ski area) have been exploring 
the cat roads and trails, and we had a fun ride out there last month.  The 
mountain is quite high, but in general the roads and trails we plan to use 
are mostly gentle in grade.  There are breathtaking views of the Purcell 
Trench and the mountains to the east, and of Lake Pend Oreille.  Schweitzer 
Mountain is just outside of Sandpoint, Idaho; it is a ten-mile drive up to 
the top from town.

Wish us luck!  We are hoping for a late July to late August ride date... it 
wouldn't be possible to get up there before July due to snow.  We plan on 25 
& 50 mile distances, all vet checks in camp.

Karen Bratcher
Hayden ID

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