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dumb question (not really endurance)

This question is for ridecampers who stand their stallions at stud.  I have
seen stallion services offered (many breeds not just Arab) with a fee for
purebred and a fee for grade mares.  With Arabs, even a grade mare (or a
purebred mare bred to a grade or purebred other than Arab) can be
registered with IAHA as a half Arab.  The IAHA is pretty big and offers so
much (futurities, sweepstakes, etc.) that I would think that being able to
register a foal in this registry is a pretty good deal....I guess I am just
wondering the pros and cons of standing a stallion for one fee (purebred or
grade) vs. offering the lesser fee for grade.  Just curious is all.  You
may reply privately or if others are interested also, on ridecamp, I guess.
 Better thread than some have been lately!  I hope!  :)  Thanks for your
Maggie (and Malik, grey, athletic "stud" looking for sexy, athletic mares
to produce good looking, athletic offspring)

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