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Bone Spurs

A pre-purchase on an 11 year old Arab mare I am trying out revealed a very 
slight (vet described as a sliver of his pinky finger) bone spur on her RF.  
This was shown through xrays after she went off stiff from being flexed.  
While I don't plan on campaigning this horse hard, I do want to use her for 
LD and some CTR at some point.   My vet, whom I trust and is very good, was 
suitably vague about how progressive this could/would become.    

My questions are:  How progressive are bone spurs depending on what type of 
conditioning/work the horse is put into?  Is limiting the concussion she has 
(through a particular type of shoeing) a good idea?  With a spur as small as 
this one, is she ever going to be in pain or noticeably "off" with hard work? 
 Any websites that you would recommend for additional info?  I searched the 
archives and some of the vet colleges and came up with nothing.  BTW, this 
mare is fairly fit, has been out of work for the last year or so, but has 
been in work in the past.   

Thanks a lot!

Kristi in Maryland


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