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The horse that hit Jim Oury (to Anna & Joe)

Barb Peck
Barb Peck

Anna wrote:
::so dont be so quick to judge the horse. Some times it is unavoidable.

Of course I'm judging the horse (and many others have been jugding
the rider).  And I don't think I've been quick about it, this discussion's
been going on for weeks.

Joe wrote:
::You're speculating...
Of course I am, just like everyone
else that wasn't there.

And whether or not we agree on whether horses can "turn on a dime"
at high speeds, you spent the majority of you discription of your
collision talking about how your horse tried NOT to step on you.
Which means the horse had his/her wits still intact.

My point is this:
When a herd animal (human) rides a herd animal (horse) and they're
running blind, neither animal is in control.  Running blind is an expression
meaning they (horse & rider) do not see what's in front of them
because of their state of mind (like a run-away, or stampede).

And yes. We all know how fast situations can change and Sh*% can happens.

So, from the discriptions of the accident that  I have read on RideCamp,
I still think this horse wasn't  "just racing" into
the finish.. he/she was running blind.


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