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Re: Mare who kicks!

Kicking horses of any sex or age are a real hazard to  every one and every
around them  It is just like biting, if they get away with it they get worse
and just  can not be trusted.  Come down on her hard, and right away, train
her kicking   IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  it IS NOT up tho the rest of the world to
watch out for you.
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Date: Sunday, October 03, 1999 2:31 PM
Subject: RC: Mare who kicks!

>Nancy Okun
>I have a green mare who is in every aspect is doing great. She
>was broke to ride in May, although she is 6, and I've owned her
>August 1.  She dosen't like other horses coming up close behind
>her on the trail and when I'm out with friends I'm sure to warn
>them.  Today, after a great, long ride, we were walking our horses
>to the trailers..  My friend was walking her horse way too close
>behind mine and Pow, my mare nailed my friend in the thigh -Hard!
>We all feel awful.  She's fine, but it's going to be a Beauty of a
>Black and Blue,but I don't think any permanent damage was done.
>I've never had a green horse before, never owned a mare.  My
>geldings wouldn't think of kicking anything or anyone.  I must
>say that the mare is fine to work around and I can be behind her
>in her stall or clean her and there's no attempt to kick.  It's
>other horses that get her agitated.
>The question is - Is this a young horse thing or is she a KICKER
>and I must live with it - red ribbon and all.  Is there anything
>I can do to help her over this nasty habit. When she rides with
>my other gelding he can be close to her and she does not mind.
>But she's used to him in the turn out.
>I just feel terrible.  It might have been alot worse.
>Thanks for any input.  Nancy
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