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Malabar Black Arabians Update Info Part 2

Heather Watson

Thanks again to everyone who has responded to the original
posting on Ridecamp earlier this week.  It looks like
quite a few people are concerned about the welfare of
these sweet horses and that they will probably find good homes.

Just wanted to provide a little clarification on behalf of Homer
Couchman, the owner of the stable where the 5 Black Arabians
are currently located.  I may have given some of you the wrong
impression about HOMER, and he's been receiving a variety of
calls.  One person is insisting he saw that the horses were
priced for only $700, which is not true.  Unfortunately, I do
not have any prices on these horses, but you can contact Homer for that information.  I only recognized these horses as
Malabar bred, and was familiar with their heritage, and was
concerned about their future. I have never met Homer, and only
know him from talking to him on the phone about these horses

Homer is a seems to be a really nice man who has been
extremely patient and cooporative with the current owner
of the Malabar horses.  They've been on his ranch now since November last year without any payment.  He's continued to feed them and take care of them for for free, and is really making an
effort to find these horses good homes.

The current owner has been trying to sell these horses but has
not been able to do so.  He has until Oct. 1st to pay Homer.  If
he is unable to do so, then Homer will have ownership, and will sell the horses himself.

While there was indeed the possibility that the horses could
end up in an auction, it now seems that this would be a last
resort, and is unlikely. This may be in part to all of the
wonderful repsonses and concerns from people at Ridecamp about
what can happen to horses sold at auction. Homer is a very kind
man, and wants to see these horses go to good

A nice lady went and visited the horses yesterday and gave
me the following information:

The mare is Malabar Ruth (20), who is registered.  She is the
dam of the yearling filly and the two year old colt, and
probably the other young colts. Ruth has 2 white feet with samll
white socks. This girl is a real sweetie pie. She followed us
all over the pasture,with her baby by her side. Nice legs, big
feet and a wonderful personality. A little dropped in her top line and hip, but who wouldn't at 20yrs old? Homer said that
she was the mother of the boys.

The sire of the filly is apparently Malabar Plebe (sp?)
4yrs old. Black stallion, no white feet,
a real sweetie. There is a chance the filly can be registered
and Homer is working with the owner to provide the necessary paperwork and information.

The 7 yr stallion, Towasco, three white feet,black
stallion,maybe 15h, nice looking hores trained to
ride. Very sweet, nice build, with big
feet.  His dam is Malabar Ruth, and the sire is Malabar Ghandi...

There are two other stallions:

Malabar King 2yrs old?, black stallion four white feet
with samll socks, on the small side, but put together

Fantazma-bay stallion about 14h maybe 3yrs old, on the
small side. Seemed a little stand offish, but curious. Didn't mind us in his pen.

I hope this clears up a little of the confusion regarding these
horses.  Again, I do not know any prices, and wish I had
more information regarding them in particular, but Homer
is really approachable and easy to talk to.  His number is

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