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Re: Help-Hock Joint Fusion

My horse has been diagnosed with bone spavin as shown by xrays. The lower
two of the four hock bones hardly move and, therefore, their fussing makes
no  real difference.  These bone can not fuse  as long as cartalage is
present between them. cortizone shots into the joint should desolve any
remaining cartalage  and allow the bones to fuse  rather quickly  (two to
three weeks)  after fusing the horse is sound and can be worked normally.
With luck its endurance career can continue.

Ted Ruprecht in Northern California
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Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 6:28 PM
Subject: RC: Help-Hock Joint Fusion

>Carol Willcocks
>Hi all
>I was hoping someone out there may have some information or experience with
the problem my mare has. She's 18yo and has had some recurring lameness in
her hind leg, which has been diagnosed as caused by a bone spur and hock
joint (spavin) damage/wear and tear. The vet suggested cortisone may help,
but obviously this is swabbable, and the lesser dose given 3 days before
competition is not going to be effective at this late stage. My vet says a
long rest until the joint actually fuses may help, and that she could go on
to compete later. (I only wish to complete one more 80km ride on her to get
her scroll, it's not a case of "flogging a tired horse" and she's an
extremely fit, young and competitive 18yo!)So please don't flame me for not
wanting to retire her! Does anyone have any experience as to whether a vet
at a preride would allow a horse with a fused joint to compete? According to
my vet, it is quite common in trotting/pacing circles, but how would an
endurance horse manage, and would her uneven-looking, but actually pain
>free and "regular" gait be acceptable? Any and all advice would be
appreciated and taken to heart.
>Thanks in advance
>Carol and Poppett(Tipperary Pandora) from Down Under
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