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PS/Manzanita Rider-id needed

I was wrong with my first guess.  Anybody able to tell who this is, 
under the helmet?

Manzanita is a mean ride to photograph. You have to be at two sites 
to catch the 100's and the
50's. Then you have a 170 mile round trip to get home and develop the 
film and frame the photos
and hopefully get back before dark. Not easy when we didn't leave the 
site until 12pm. We lost two
shots due to technical difficulties with a slow lens and a bunch of 
50's due to not getting to vet
check 1 in time after shooting the 100's and 80's at the Corrizo Overlook.

There's one person who came looking for her photo and it was sitting 
on the dining room chair at
home. She's wearing crazy pants and her horse has a french braid. Do 
you know who it is? I've hung
the photo on our web page. If you don't recognize her, please forward 
this message to RC adn
perhaps someone there will recognize it.

The link to the missing photo is....

When I get time I'll hang some photos from Laguna 99 and Manzanita 99.


Nicco Murphy - Poway, San Diego, CA

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