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Re: RC: Changing LD from 25-35

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999 12:47:05 PDT, "Nancy Mitts" <>

>All endurance/LD type rides held on 
>the same day at the same place as an AERC ride need to come under some sort 
>of AERC sanctioning or approval (such as a CTR by a recognized organization. 
>Nancy Mitts

There is a very simple and effective way of taking care of this,
without  defining rides all the way down to zero length as LD rides.
The AERC can just adopt a rule along the following lines:

	Rides held in conjunction with AERC sanctioned rides, but not 
	sanctioned by the AERC, must either be sanctioned by a body 
	recognized by the AERC or adhere to the following rules:

	1.  All rides at an AERC sanctioned event must be under the 
	     control of the ride veteraniarian(s).

	2.  No ride shorter than 25 miles in length may give any award

	     or recognition based on speed, order of finish or riding 

And THAT takes care of it!


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