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Manzanita Ride

WAS more like normal weather.  The vets were treating horses for colic as
>they Came Off the Trailers.  Yes, sir, we are talking BEFORE the race ever
>started!  Enough so that they were commenting on how unusual it was.  It
>only got worse.  A front runner pulled at vet 1, his horse in distress.  I

   One of those trailer horses was ours.  A long trailer ride ( 7 hours) in
some heavy traffic probably created his problem. It was mild and worked out
with a shot of Banamine. This is our newest horse, only 1 year of endurance
experience and trailer rides.  He has trailered longer, up to 11 hours, but
I think the heavy traffic made him more nervous and created more of a
problem.  And yes we did get them all out to rest and offer water.  The
other 2 horses in the trailer arrived ok and finished the 50.

    I mentioned to some people before and during the first vet check that
the heat would be a real factor.  I have seen it happen before at early fall
rides with warm weather.  Three years ago Tar Springs on a hot Oct day had a
50% pull ratio.  The horses are getting their winter coats and the heat
seems to affect them much more than the same type of day in the middle of
summer.   More cautious riding, real attention to cooling when available and
some luck get you through.

Jim Mitchell

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