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Re: Re: newbies

Good luck, Maryanne.  Be sure to write us about it when you do it.
N. Ca.

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From: Maryanne Stroud Gabbani <>
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Sent: Monday, September 27, 1999 12:36 PM
Subject: RC: Re: newbies

> There are a group of us trying to get some endurance going way out here,
> one of the things that we've done is that I have an email list of
> people and I go through Ridecamp info and other information and send it
> None of us has done any endurance although many of us are accustomed to
> riding long distances in the desert. I've done the most research, so I'm
> one who is passing on the info.  We hope to do a 40-50 km fun ride with a
> vet or two in October, and there is an FEI 80 km ride being planned for
> sometime in the spring. Winter is the best training and competing season
> us.  A lot of riders are frankly scared to try the 80 km, but I'm hoping
> that many will volunteer to do drag riding or other things just for the
> experience. Talk about the blind leading the blind....but if it weren't
> Ridecamp, I don't know what we'd do.
> Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
> Cairo, Egypt
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> Sent: Monday, September 27, 1999 9:44 PM
> Subject: RC: newbies
> > Regarding a format for newbies at rides: Once again this is a very
> individual
> > matter.
> > I have been raised with horses, did the show ring thing for 30 years
> before
> > finally taking the plunge into distance riding.  A local vet I knew had
> > vetted some rides and pointed me in the general direction of where to
> go
> > do a ride.(There was no "Ridecamp" that I knew of. It was 1990)  It was
> 25m
> > CTR in WV.  He assured me it was a good first ride.  I called the number
> on
> > the ride flyer for an entry and mentioned to the ride secretary (Peggy
> > Burgess) that I had never done this before but was interested in trying
> it.
> > On her own, she sent me a large manilla envelope with photo copies of
> > articles that had been in Trail Blazer on conditioning with a brief
> outline
> > on riding schedules for conditioning.  When I got to the ride, I felt
> > cared for by management as well as other riders.  Because of this
> > warm feeling, I was totally and completely hooked and haven't been in
> > show ring since.
> >
> > THAT is what distance riding is all about to me.  You guys are a great
> bunch
> > of horse people and I hopefully have given back by volunteering at rides
> when
> > I can't ride (for whatever reason) and helping recruit other newbies.
> >
> > Sallie and Matty
> > NE Ohio
> >
> >
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