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RE: Re: Instructions at ride meetings

Hi Amber and other ridecampers,
Under the AERC rules, ride managers of endurance events that offer a
limited distance ride MUST offer a separate meeting for these riders.
Most ride managers offer this to any new rider/person who wants to learn
more. At this meeting your manager/vet should underline the dangers of
over-riding. This is the time to tell the newbies how to care for their
horse during and after the ride. We also like to stress the importance
of not loading the equine to trailer home as soon as the ride is over
and to let your personal vet know that this horse was on an endurance
ride and should be treated as stress related IF any problems arise
within a week after the ride.

Linda Parrish, ride secretary of Armadillo, the Halloween Costume Ride
Kennard, Texas

Amber Roberts <> wrote:

> I'm in Central Region and every ride I've ever been to has offered a separate
> meeting for new riders after the general ride meeting.  If new riders stay, any
> questions are answered at that point.
> Amber

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