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my take on the glucoseamine. I have a bad lower back and sometime this past 
spring my breast bone and ribs started cracking it was kind of a weird 
thing. I would just wake up and hear the crack crackle crack of the bones or 
?? and well started taking glucosemine and after my first bottle it stopped. 
But I believe you have to take it all the time.. I hate supplements It is 
easy to get hooked on anykind of drug and In this Drug Enhanced world it can 
easliy get out of hand such as headaches that are time induced (yep I was 
popping the asprin about 3'oclock everyday for a while. Dr said to wean 
myself off of them. The first day was hard. Also was hooked on Vivarin and 
Maxalerts (during college) that is why I hate supplements. I even hate 
taking darn allergy RX everynite.I am considering some stirrups that help 
lower back pain and knee problems that Longriders tack has. Nice folks there 
Tracy is very educated on the tack. at 1-888-420-GEAR it is worth the try. 
Also there is the glucose and condrotin(sp) that has been tested and the 
supplements you can buy for the horse. Whats good for the horse may be good 
for the rider. well that is my imput..
also if you ice for 20 let it get back to norm temp and take a nice hot bath 
for the same ammount. Try using a back support and also something else you 
may look into. if you have knee problems you may start sitting to the 
oposite side of a knee problem. I have a tendency to sit to the left of my 
horse when my knee starts ouching. It throws the horse off badly. (hey ma 
whats up??) hope the two cents help here
carla(finally have my Chiroprator appt 2morO)
baru(whats this new junk in our food)
haley(she feedin us Rat poison or something)
Rob ( oh great more stuff to feed and get confused)

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