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Re: RE: Endurance and CTR

I'm pretty proud of my 25 LD Best Condition mug but my husband still wants
to know where my director's chair is!!  :)  

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> Subject: RC:   RE: Endurance and CTR
> Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999 2:04 PM
> In a message dated 9/14/99 9:43:56 PM EST, writes:
> << In endurance the pace does not have to be a race! You set the pace and
>  you want to go 4.3 miles per hour you can go at that rate with no
>  If you want to up it to 8 mph it is your decision. Just because some
>  race there is no compulsion for you to do it.
> However, in the Southeast Region you are rewarded for racing.  Most of
> rides here give top ten awards for the LD that are the same for the 50's
> 100's.  If we weren't competitive then we'd all stay home, ride 25 miles
> save a lot of money.  The newbies in the sport are learning that if they
> awards they have to race.  BC is also awarded to one of the top ten
horses so 
> even if you take good care of your horse unless you race you won't be 
> eligible.  It's not a factor with experienced riders who are using LD to 
> start new horses and bringing a horse back from an injury.  They know the

> benefit of LD and LSD miles.  It's the newbies and uneducated that I'm 
> concerned about.
>  >>Thus, CTR is no excuse, you can work for the control and obedience
just as
>  well in doing an LD or a 50.
> I agree.  However, I recommend that new riders start out in CTR.  They
> gain a better education and will be rewarded for finishing with a horse
> top condition and not racing.  I know that LD is not treated the same way
> all parts of the country, but in the Southeast it's a horse race and the 
> winners receive some very nice awards.
> Cindy Bell
> SE Region... 1st overall 1998
> Wameco....  AERC 100 Mile Award 1998
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