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Re: Outlaw Trail

Do tell!!  I want to know all about it.  I plan to start going "out of
state" in the next couple of years and I will be reading these stories to
decide which ones it'll be!  So far, this sounds like a really neat trail
and ride!!

> From: DreamWeaver <>
> To:
> Subject: RC:  Outlaw Trail
> Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999 1:15 PM
> Hey guys!!! We're back from the most wonderful, most exciting, most 
> difficult ride I've ever been to.  It was absolutely and totally 
> incredible.  :)  It'll take me awhile to do a write up about it.  What a 
> fantastic week.  If I could only do one endurance ride in a lifetime,
> one would be it.  It goes beyond it's legend.  Outlaw Trail IS 
> endurance.  I took several hundred pictures with the digital camera and 
> will start downloading them soon.  I have pics of dozens of different 
> riders and only got a few of their email addresses, so if you were there
> know somebody that was that has an email please send it to me so I can
> them their pictures.
> Would like to thank Sharon and Crocket (and Andy) for doing such an 
> incredible job putting on such an incredible ride.  We really owe them
> keeping these trails open and available to us.  The best in the world,
> none!  THANK YOU!!  Also, I have to thank Crocket for putting two hind 
> shoes back on my horse after the first day of the ride (and of course, 
> thanks to Easyboots for saving our a - - in the meantime).  :-))))
> Karen
> in NV
> & OUTLAW Rocky  :-)))))
> & Weaver, who did 100 miles of O.T. with a junior rider!! :+)
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