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Tale from the 'Insecure Newbie'

Hey, Peggy, good for you!   You get awarded a "Purple Horseshoe" (aka
Purple Heart) for sticking it out in spite of all your  accidents.     I
did my first 50 when I was 50 yrs old...and the next day I was
practically begging to be put in traction so I could straighten out my
limbs.   I really expected that after every 50 miler, from then on out, I
would be bedridden for a day and living on painkillers until I recovered.
  Well, lo and behold.  By the grace of God,  I feel that I am in as
good, if not better,  health now than I was 16 yrs ago, and I don't even
hit the tylenol bottle after a 50 nor after multi-day rides.   Various
"purple horseshoe' incidents, such as breaking 3 ribs, partial collapse
of a lung, separated shoulder, heat exhaustion,  mild food poisoning (not
the ride's fault).  Once a branch snagged a vent hole in my helmet, of
course the chin strap wouldn't break,  I got pulled off backwards and hit
the ground.   My horse was staring at me with the most horrified look on
his face -- we were only trotting and I landed on grass, so it ws really
pretty funny.  It all makes for great memories, and establishes bench
marks for my kids that they regard with awe, bless their li'l pointy
heads!    Best wishes,   Connie B (CA)

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