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Cevi's update 9/3/99

Juliua Stroup
Well her white cell count came down a bit and they know what kind of bacteria they're fighting although they don't know from where.  She can move her left toes more and more each day.  After she received blood last night she was really feeling much better and the docs said that even though we usually replenish our own red cells, Cevi's body has been low from the start and it's working really hard to repair itself so instead of making it do it (which would have taken a long time), they kind of gave it a boost.  She ate a whole grilled cheese sandwich last night and we found that she has four molars (one is completely crushed on one side) that are broken so they're going to send her down to the dental place down stairs and take care of the worst of the problems.  Her spirits are great and we really had a pretty good day.  I work with her on respiratory, physical and occupational therapies which when you include hygiene, itching, turning, scratching, adjusting, braiding, etc -- I am one tired Mom come evening.  She was much better last night about letting me go and get some sleep, that made me feel better (even though this morning she told me she didn't sleep).  I love my girls so much it hurts and I thank Jesus over and over, but it doesn't seem to be enough.  I could never repay all you who have helped enough, you're wonderful.  God Bless you again and again as He's blessed us!!  -Juliua

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