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Re: RC: GERA, Part Three

Oh thank you Howard for some truely amusing reading before bed!  My dogs are  
staring at me trying to figure out why I am laughing at (to them anyway) 
NOTHING!  Having been on the bucking horse in a Bee's moment, I can relate 
with the poor rider who's horse was doing the rodeo routine.  I have also 
been a great proponent of riding helmets, not for falling off, but for 
protection against tree branches AND spider webs! (crops also work well for 
these).  Thanks again for letting me know what I am up against when I start 
riding in endurance rides (hopefully this winter!)

While I am writing to ridecamp, how do you go about picking up your 
distance/speed when conditioning.  We have been going 3-5 miles at walk/trot 
(corto)/canter for about a month.  I upped him to about 8 miles yesterday, 
intending to do a slow 8 miles, just walking and corto.  However, it was the 
first cool day this summer, and Alpine had other ideas.  I really need to 
time his canter....We covered about three miles in a remarkably short amount 
of time, and he wasn't winded.  (I didn't realize we were covering that much 
ground!) I had intended to do a short ride today, but got home late, and he 
got the day off instead.  I'd be real interested to see what ya'll think!

Juli Bechard
Alpine (hey mom, let's GOOOOOO! It's nice and cool!!!)

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