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Re: RC: ATTN: GERA Classic Riders

     Just had time to read my email....The ride was great, I really loved the 
river crossings.  The first loop was on more level ground but trails were 
rocky, the second loop was harder, it was mostly uphill climb.  It is a tough 
trail and you do really have to pace yourself.  Ramsey and I had entered the 
50 miler, but we only made 2 loops (25 miles).  At the vet check his 
hydration was not looking very good so I decided to stop while he was still 
in decent condition.  The vet thought that was a wise decision.    I could 
not get him to eat anything and he drank only a little.  This was his first 
ride so it may have been the excitment of it all or just having a bit in his 
mouth.     I am going to try a hackamore next ride and see if that helps.  
The problem I have with a hackamore is that I don't feel I have the same 
control as I do with a bit (kimberwick) Ramsey hates for any horse to pass 
him and all those horses cantering or troting past him just made for one big 
battle to hold him back and try to control his pace.  Has anyone else had 
this problem?  I learned a lot about my horse at this ride and I am really 
proud of him.  His attitude was so great....he would have kept going till he 
dropped.  He needs more conditioning and more experience at the rides.  Our 
next ride is at Natchez Trace on Sept. 18th.  I am going to enter him in the 
25 miler. Wish us luck!

cat and ramsey

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